Astronomy and Cosmology

Since ancient times, humans have gazed at the stars and tried to understand the night sky. This process continues today with observations still made by the naked eye but also with sophisticated telescopes and instruments that look at infra-red, ultraviolet, microwave and other wavelengths. This collection contains images and classroom activities that help to bring astronomy and cosmology to life.


Sky and Space

The Learning Through Science teachers’ guides and pupils’ assignment cards for the unit on Sky and Space give suggestions for activities children could undertake.

The cards are divided into groups according to their subject, such as stars, planets, the weather, space, etc.

On the cards the grouping is...

Stars and Forces

This Nature of Science book looks at the history of astronomy and how scientists understanding of the solar system, forces and gravity has developed. The story includes the revolutionary ideas of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton and the theory of magnetism.

The chapters are:

1. Stars and gods



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