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Practical skills for teaching assistantsNY626

Are you a teaching assistant working with a science department or are you working with TA’s in science? If yes, this course is suitable for you and your team to improve science practical skills to support TA’s working more effectively with students. Often teaching assistants have to work across departments and may...

STEM ConferenceRP705

A STEM conference for primary, secondary and post-16 teachers that comprises of a keynote speech followed by a selection of different workshop sessions.

Introduction to citizen science and the internet of things with BBC micro:bit and Raspberry PiCY220

The BBC micro:bit and Raspberry Pi computers are transforming the education landscape. Bringing powerful computing, data logging and analysis to the classroom, these versatile devices create new opportunities and enable exciting collaborative projects. This course is an introduction to a collaborative project that...

Placement: EDF Energy (Hartlepool)TY829

Location: EDF Energy, Hartlepool power station, Tees Road, Hartlepool, TS25 2BZ Placements are available with EDF Energy at Hartlepool power station supported by a £1000 ENTHUSE bursary. To express your interest in a placement, please complete this form and send it to: The final part of the...

Robotics in education: a conference for primary and secondary schoolsTY249

Would you like your students to have more experiences in robotics? Are you looking for ideas to promote robotics as a future career? The Robotics in education conference will provide a full day of hands-on robotic activities for any member of staff involved in primary or secondary education. Sessions will include...

Space in the classroom: teacher conferenceSY003

Would you like to see ESA astronaut Tim Peake? We’re running a one-day conference, aimed at teachers in primary, secondary and FE who want to bring space into their classrooms. Running on 22 February 2018, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Teaching science mattersRP867

Annual cross phase development of Derby and Derbyshire SLP covering data harvest, primary assessments, inspiring outdoors and STEM ambassadors

Using space as a context for your teaching; introducing space resources available to you and your studentsSV800

This CPD, for all levels of teachers and technicians, will showcase current activities and free resources available that teachers can use in the classroom and beyond, giving examples of how space can be used as a context for teaching many topics. Areas covered are likely to include (but are not limited to) primary...

Big Bang FairRP715

Inspiring young people to consider a career in STEM related roles and give them an insight into the wealth of opportunities available to them.

How to enrich your science curriculum by engaging with external STEM partnersRP716

This one day event delivered as a series of workshops which will give advice and tips on how to boost STEM engagement for your school or college. We will share our local knowledge of STEM providers we have worked with and help you plan an enriched STEM activity calendar for your school or college to engage your...