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Subject leaders’ network RC121H17

Start Date27 Apr 3917
VenueLeamington Spa
This is a local network meeting facilitated by local teachers to share good practice.

A level required practicals for teachers and techniciansRP323

This course will lead you through the required physics practicals and give you hands on practise of carrying out the practical yourself. There will also be discussion regarding how the practical can be delivered within the specification content as well as the assessment in terminal exams.

Accrington science technician networkRP322

These are a series of network meetings for science technicians in the Blackburn, Accrington, Colne and Burnley area to discuss how to best support the implementation of required practicals in the new GCSE curriculum. The sessions will include electrolysis, separation techniques, energy, equilibrium, resistance and...

Biology core practicals RP246

This session is aimed at NQTs or non-specialists to support the delivery of the new GCSE specification through the Edexcel specification. You will cover the core practicals for the Edexcel GCSE.  

Building in stretch and challenge into science lessons for allRP853

To learn how to stretch and challenge all pupils within all science lessons

Calculations involving masses and gases - invitation onlyRP248

This session is aimed at NQTs or non-specialists to support the delivery of the new GCSE through the Edexcel specification.Sessions will run from 4.30 – 6.30pm at Accrington Academy by lead teacher Kim Swift

Chemical handlingRP610

Workshop outline  preparing and checking solutions (and titration calculations!)  safe heating techniques and personal protective equipment  handling hazardous chemicals - alkali metals and halogens - gases and explosions -   limiting and dealing with hazardous waste including transport and storage   curriculum...

Developing expertise in energy and changeRP269

An introduction to the key chemical ideas needed to understand energy changes. Participants will explore common misconceptions associated with this topic and review a range of strategies for dealing with these misconceptions. Opportunities will also be given to try out a range of relevant and engaging experiments...

Developing expertise in equilibria and rates of reactionRP268

Morning Session: Developing expertise in teaching rates of reaction This session focusses on developing an understanding of kinetic theory and rates through experimental work, with practical investigations forming the essential core of the face to face workshop. Afternoon session: Equilibria An opportunity for...