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Preparing for practical teaching and assessment in A level physicsRJ511B00

Start Date20 Nov 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £175.00 . Fees can vary, see page for more details
This course is designed to prepare teachers to make effective use of practical work in the new A level science courses and use them to improve outcomes for students. The incoming A level courses involve practical skills being developed and assessed in a different way. The stipulated activities are expected to be...

Teacher second specialism training (TSST): PhysicsRJ299C02

Start Date10 Dec 2019
VenueNorth Shields
As increasing number of non-physics specialists are teaching physics to KS3 and GCSE, it is important that teachers doing so feel confident in their own understanding of the subject. This course is intended for non-specialist teachers to improve subject knowledge and develope an understanding of effective pedagogical...

Strengthening practical work in physicsRJ201B00

Start Date27 Feb 2020
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £175.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
The aim of this course is to enable teachers and technicians of physics to explore a range of ideas for teaching topics across the physics curriculum. Through hands-on activities you will undertake new and established strategies and relevant practical techniques to make students' learning more effective.

Teaching the new science curriculum: physicsNE703

Buy Now via Adam Little is a Professional Development Leader for Physics at the National STEM Learning Centre, and leads this course on teaching physics at Key Stage 4 for non-specialists and early career teachers. He covers the main areas of physics such as energy and...

Teaching practical science: physicsNE706

Online course. It is essential that students studying physics are given the opportunity to practice and embed understanding of practical skills in preparation for the assessment of their learning. This free online course allows you to discuss the relationship between theoretical concepts and practical work,...

Unpicking the examiners' report: GCSE physicsNY283

The first run of the new GCSE exams will highlight areas where students are struggling. An in-depth analysis of the examiners' subject report is crucial to developing your teaching and learning approaches in physics at GCSE. Hands-on sessions with examination experts will enable you to dive into the specifics of...

Developing your subject knowledge to teach A level physicsNY292

Are you teaching or about to teach post-16 physics? Finding some topics tricky to get your head around? Increase your confidence in your own subject knowledge, by reviewing common misconceptions and studying difficult physical concepts whist being supported by experienced subject experts. This is a residential course...

Inspiring A-level physicsNY502

Physics is a constantly shifting and developing area of science, and one that has an impact on a vast section of our lives.  With the recent changes at A-level we have been able to work alongside research scientists, teachers and examiners to practise new activities, approaches and experiments which will help you...

Mathematics for physics teachers up to A LevelNY294

There is an increased mathematical demand in in both the GCSE and A level physics specifications. This course is ideal for teachers of physics who wish to improve their understanding of the mathematics required to be successful in physics at GCSE and A level. The course explores teaching strategies for a wide range...

New to A level physics NY252

Are you teaching A-level for the first time, or do you want to strengthen your delivery to provide a stimulating and challenging learning experience for your students? With recent changes to the A-level specification now is an ideal time to develop your schemes of learning and integrate inspiring and engaging...