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Subject knowledge enhancement : Biology Triple ScienceRX009

Explore background subject knowledge to help planning and teaching biology for key stage 4 (Triple Science) with a focus on coordination and control. Start your Triple Science teaching with the tools and confidence to plan and teach effective learning for your biology classes. 

Technicians : Maintaining your prep roomRX022

Maintaining a science prep room can pose a number of challenges. Explore strategies to organise your prep room in an efficient way to maximise the operational side of delivering practical science lessons. You will look at ways to streamline practical requestions as well as how to document inventories and safety...

Technicians: Health and SafetyRX023

Technicians are at the heart of every science department, playing a crucial role in supporting effective practical work. With this comes a role in ensuring that the department is safe.  Develop a good foundation for carrying out effective health and safety, to support you in your job, but also to support teachers...

Subject knowledge enhancement : KS3 BiologyRX007

Designed to support teachers who are non-specialists, you will develop the background subject knowledge required to help planning and teaching biology for key stage 3. Gain the tools and confidence to plan and teach your biology classes effectively. You will explore ways of building student understanding, taking into...

Technicians : Setting up your own STEM ClubRX024

This course is an introduction to running a successful STEM Club in school as a technician. The sessions will provide information about how to recruit members to your club, how to plan activities to engage and enthuse students and some sample activities and resources to get you started.

KS3 Physics for non-specialistsNWX223

FOR TEACHERS IN WALES ONLY: This five hour web based course (over 4 days) is aimed at non-specialist teachers of physics at Key Stage 3.It will be facilitated as four separate webinars, with each  helping you develop your physics understanding, as well as providing you with teaching ideas to use in lessons....

Effective transition between year 6 and year 7 in scienceRX028

This course will focus on how to establish effective transition between year 6 and year 7 in science. You will have the opportunity to consider the nature and content of the year 6 science curriculum, how to develop creative activities that build on prior learning and how to use diagnostic teaching to identify and...

Technician bespokeRP698

We can support you in identifying the CPD support that you need, provide CPD activity directly from our programme of courses, or work with you to tailor the content to meet your requirements.

Test RXRX50000


Mentoring for NQTs/ITTs in scienceRX027

Whether you are new to mentoring or an experienced mentor this remote CPD will allow you to develop your practice in supporting early career teachers and those returning to the profession.You will consider the teacher standards and mentoring guidance and identify points that are particularly pertinent in science. This...