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Electrical Energy for our Future at EDF Energy DungenessRE298G08

Start Date19 Jul 2019
FeesFrom £100.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
A unique opportunity to consider key aspects of the science curriculum in the context of the UK’s first ever nuclear power station. The day will be in two parts: Firstly, participants will tour the nuclear power plant and develop an understanding of how the power station operates. You will be hosted by expert guides...

Secondary bespoke TSSP Fulwood Maths in Science RA298A165

Start Date31 Jul 2019
We can support you in identifying the CPD support that you need, provide CPD activity directly from our programme of courses, or work with you to tailor the content to meet your requirements.

The science of learningNE709C18

Start Date05 Aug 2019
Duration5 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
Online course. Flexible participation. Guided by Professor Paul Howard-Jones (The Secret Life of Four and Five Year Olds) and Professor Tim Jay, develop an understanding of the science of learning and discuss its impact on your teaching. Draw upon educational neuroscience and psychology to help you interpret student...

Getting to grips with biology and chemistry at KS3RA298A171

Start Date19 Aug 2019
FeesFrom £150.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This is suitable for non-specialists or newly qualified teachers of science. The course has been designed to allow delegates the opportunity to prepare for delivering  effective and engaging KS3 practical science.

Excellent Teaching, Excellent LearningRH298B40

Start Date16 Sep 2019
VenueBishop's Stortford
This programme of 6 CPD sessions and Gap tasks focuses on developing pedagogy within the Science context: Science starters and plenaries, Assessment for Learning, differentiation, lesson planning, developing practical skills, challenge and independent enquiry. Sessions will include an opportunity to observe...

KS4 Physics required practicalsRA298A170

Start Date18 Sep 2019
FeesFrom £130.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This is suitable for Heads of department, teachers of science or teaching assistants. The day will include how to plan for, deliver and assess understanding of the required practicals.

Technicians supporting biology (11-19)NY604A19

Start Date30 Sep 2019
Duration3 Days
FeesFrom £960.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryENTHUSE Bursary - £810.00
Biology can often be seen as the science subject with few practicals that are engaging and work successfully. On this comprehensive course we will change that perception through a diverse range of practicals developed by ourselves and others, which will highlight that biology can be taught through exciting and...

Secondary FACE ITT onlyRB708N03

Start Date01 Oct 2019
Duration1 Day
Programme: 9.30am Arrive at Farm, Introductions, plan for the day, housekeeping. 9.45am Why teach about food and farming 10.00am  Planning a farm Visit & H/S information. 10.30am  Tour of the farm, including tractor and trailer ride. 12.15pm Lunch and an opportunity to browse resources 12.45pm Supporting...

ASE and Cumbria SLP Joint Event – RJ298A10

Start Date01 Oct 2019
As we start the fourth year of teaching the latest specification of the Science GCSEs, this event is all about finding and sharing ideas that make science at KS3 and KS4 exciting and special.  This event will focus on Working Scientifically and Physics. There will be presentations to give you a range of ideas, but...