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Teaching science mattersRP867

Annual cross phase development of Derby and Derbyshire SLP covering data harvest, primary assessments, inspiring outdoors and STEM ambassadors

Royal society of chemistry support sessions for secondary teachersRP328

This CPD is provided in partnership by Science Learning Partnership Cornwall, Cornwall Teaching School and the Royal Society of Chemistry.It will be particularly useful for NQTs but is open to all secondary science teachers who would like the chance to take part in this free CPD.This session will enable you to develop...

Unleashing the potential of assessmentNY729

Have you wondered how you can use assessment to help your students develop their learning and increase their performance? Draw on best formative practices from research and experience a range of classroom activities that can be taken away and used immediately in your lessons. Develop your understanding of your pupils...

STEM Club conferenceNY625

Do you run, support or are thinking about STEM Clubs in your school? This conference could be just for you. STEM Clubs should be a vital part of the STEM activities in your school, allowing you to expand your expertise in STEM subjects whilst enthusing students with innovative ideas. This conference has been designed...

Practical skills for teaching assistantsNY626

Are you a teaching assistant working with a science department or are you working with TA’s in science? If yes, this course is suitable for you and your team to improve science practical skills to support TA’s working more effectively with students.Often teaching assistants have to work across departments and may not...

Teacher second specialism training (TSST): PhysicsRP299

As increasing number of non-physics specialists are teaching physics to KS3 and GCSE, it is important that teachers doing so feel confident in their own understanding of the subject. This course is intended for non-specialist teachers to improve subject knowledge and develope an understanding of effective pedagogical...

CLEAPSS preparation room management and health and safety for senior techniciansRP630

This one-day discussion-based course explores and shares ideas for good preparation room management. It is intended for senior technicians and those aspiring to become senior technicians.Participants are encouraged to bring along pictures of their own preparation rooms to share with the group. These could include...

CLEAPSS working with glassRP631

This one-day practical course will provide technicians with the knowledge and skills required to make most of the simple bends, and other items required for gas preparation, in most science departments. It will also demonstrate how some items of broken glass equipment can be repaired.

Secondary science NQT Essentials - 2 part courseRP284

This is a network meeting to give science NQT's, trainee teachers and inexperienced teachers a forum to meet and chat to share experience.

CLEAPSS electrical inspection and testing (PAT testing)RP633

Designed for staff who will be undertaking the function of carrying out inspection and testing of portable electrical equipment in schools and colleges. Although the technical content of the course has been kept as straightforward as possible, a basic understanding of electricity and electric circuits is assumed.