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Mastering mathematics at key stage 3MY218A18

Start Date01 Jul 2019
Duration4 Days
FeesFrom £1,280.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryENTHUSE Bursary - £1080.00
It is important that mathematics at key stage three builds upon the mathematical experiences students experience at primary school. Explore what is meant by mastery, and consider the transition from primary to secondary school, and the mapping of progression through key stage three. “Really enjoyed the course. So...

Maths subject knowledge: proportional reasoningNE204D18

Start Date01 Jul 2019
Duration4 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
FeesFrom £32.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This course has online mentor support between 15 July - 2 August 2019 Proportional reasoning, and the use of ratios, is required across different areas of the mathematics curriculum. It is essential to many areas of science and technology and is used in a range of real-world situations in both life and work. On this...

Summer school for newly and recently qualified mathematics teachersMY506A18

Start Date08 Jul 2019
Duration5 Days
FeesFrom £1,600.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryENTHUSE Bursary - £1600.00
Starting teaching mathematics in September? Just completed your NQT year? Join us this July to explore what makes good mathematics teaching. As well as exploring a range of teaching strategies to help engage and inspire students during your first teaching post we will look at questioning, promoting positive...

Effective middle leadership of STEM curriculum areasRC347B01

Start Date08 Jul 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £99.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
Designed to support middle leaders in their management of STEM curriculum areas, this CPD will develop your understanding of key priorities in STEM subject areas to support the improvement of teaching within your school context. Led by experienced STEM experts, you will be supported to ensure that you have the tools...

Bridging the Gap - primary to secondary transition conferenceRE705N01

Start Date10 Jul 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £60.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
Calling all heads of science, KS2 and KS3 teachers. In collaboration with The Royal Parks, this conference will explore the differences between KS2 and 3 and bridging the gap to help effective learning for transitioning students. The day will provide an opportunity to work closely with other teachers to scrutinise...

Secondary STEM ConferenceRH705F01

Start Date10 Jul 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £25.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
A STEM conference for Secondary Science, Maths and DT teachers. Theme: Broadening student’s aspirations by making STEM subjects relevant and accessible to all Keynote speakers confirmed: Yvonne Baker Director of Learning STEM learning, Bryan Berry Engineering UK, Stephanie Mitchel WISE campaign Workshop Option 1 to...

The science of learningNE709C18

Start Date05 Aug 2019
Duration5 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
Online course. Flexible participation. Guided by Professor Paul Howard-Jones (The Secret Life of Four and Five Year Olds) and Professor Tim Jay, develop an understanding of the science of learning and discuss its impact on your teaching. Draw upon educational neuroscience and psychology to help you interpret student...

Introducing assessment for learningNE711A19

Start Date16 Sep 2019
Duration3 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
Online course. Improve your responsiveness as a teacher and support all students learning and understanding in STEM subjects with assessment for learning approaches. In this fully supported, online CPD course you will develop your teaching skills to elicit student understanding through classroom assessment and...

ESERO-UK secondary conferenceSV200A19

Start Date25 Sep 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £50.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryESERO-UK - £50.00
Ideal for secondary and post-16 science, computing, mathematics and D&T teachers who are interested in using space as an exciting context for learning, the annual ESERO-UK secondary space conference is being held alongside the UK Space Conference, and participants will be given free access and time to explore...

Secondary FACE ITT onlyRB708N03

Start Date01 Oct 2019
Duration1 Day
Programme: 9.30am Arrive at Farm, Introductions, plan for the day, housekeeping. 9.45am Why teach about food and farming 10.00am  Planning a farm Visit & H/S information. 10.30am  Tour of the farm, including tractor and trailer ride. 12.15pm Lunch and an opportunity to browse resources 12.45pm Supporting...