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Start Date13 Jan 2022
Duration1 Day
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £220.00
This evidence-based CPD aims to raise knowledge amongst teachers of how to achieve the most out of your students, whilst preparing for their GCSE exams in computer science. Whether you’re already teaching computer science or completely new to the subject, this course is designed to support your understanding of...
Start Date24 Jan 2022
Duration2 Hours
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £0.00
This is a chance for collaboration with your peers so you can share information and develop practice.Expert consultants will help you identify priority issues in teaching and learning and professional development. You will be able to share experiences, develop solutions, drawing on the...
Start Date09 Mar 2022
Duration90 Minutes
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £0.00
Physical computing involves programming digital devices to sense and interact with the world – an engaging alternative to screen-only activity. It touches upon many areas of the computing curriculum, bringing subject knowledge and programming skills to engaging and enjoyable...

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