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Science CPD Needs Analysis RP819

The National STEM Learning Centre consortium has a range of inspirational and effective CPD opportunities available to STEM teachers from all phases. To help you make the most of these opportunities, our local Science Learning Partnership leads can meet you in your school to discuss the developmental needs of your...

Science Technicians' NetworkRP656

A chance to network with other science technicians in your area, and CPD on the new curriculum.

Careers in science RP226

Explore methods to raise awareness of the myriad of STEM related career opportunities. Learn how to interpret and strategically use LMI reports to inform curriculum planning. Accurately map the curriculum to embed good careers guidance (including the Gatsby benchmarks) and ensure that learners have meaningful...

Health and Safety for Science TechniciansRP622

This is a one-day course originally designed by a team set up by the Association for Science Education to help with the health and safety training of school laboratory technicians. During the course, the following aspects will be covered:legislation on health & safety including the Health and Safety at...

Working as a science technician: an introduction to the roleRP601

This course will prepare you for your new role as a science technician. We will cover a range of topics including health and safety, policies and procedures and technicians skills. This knowledge will ensure that you will be able to apply what you lean in the classroom to provide an efficient and effective support.

Delivering the latest science curriculum A levelRP500

This course will support science teachers in implementing the latest curriculum and tackle any issues that may arise. You will also consider how to audit and adapt existing schemes of learning to accommodate the changes.

Triple Science Network MeetingRP793

These network meetings provide an opportunity to collaborate with your peers around the delivery of the triple science curriculum. Expert consultants will help you identify priority issues in teaching and learning and professional development for your teams. Each meeting will have its own outcomes ranging from...

CLEAPSS Gene technology in schoolsRP628

This course aims to introduce teachers and technicians to a wide range of current techniques used for investigative practical gene technology in schools. The workshops include opportunities to carry out extraction, purification and manipulation of DNA as well as opportunities for discussion of current legislation as...

CLEAPSS keep it safe! Health and safety in practical science for new teachersRP623

Science teaching has a very good health and safety record. Nevertheless, science teachers must comply with health and safety legislation and there are many pitfalls to trap the unwary.  As well as knowing how to work safely, new teachers also have to develop the skills needed to run a successful practical lesson...