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Start Date08 Jun 2022
Duration2 Hours
The workshop will enable club leaders to gain insight into impact measurement, experience of using impact toolkits, how to create measurement tools and how to gain recognition for the club and students. The workshop is for teachers or technicians from secondary schools, Sixth Form and FE colleges across England...
Start Date13 Jun 2022
FeesFrom £100.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This is a chance for collaboration with your peers so you can share information and develop as a leader. Expert consultants will help you identify priority issues in teaching and learning and professional development for your teams. You will be able to develop solutions, drawing on the expertise within the group. This...
Start Date21 Jun 2022
Duration6 Hours
FeesFrom £185.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryTier 3 Maintained - £100.00
Developed in collaboration with the National Space Academy, this course will develop your understanding of Earth Observation Science and ways in which you can bring this to the physics classroom.Earth Observation Science is the gathering of information about planet Earth's physical, chemical and biological systems via...
Start Date21 Jun 2022
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £125.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
Are you teaching KS5 physics for the first time? Perhaps you have been teaching it for a few years and are now looking for some new ideas to tackle the most common misconceptions and to get the most out of practical work? This course will improve your confidence in the subject and help you maximise the outcomes for...

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