Impact of Technology: How To Lead Classroom Discussions CO215

You will explore the ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental concerns surrounding computer science


On this course, you will explore the ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental concerns surrounding computer science. You will build the skills needed to hold relevant, open, and exciting discussions in the classroom.

You will develop strategies to help your students be productive and write long-form answers to questions. This course is useful CPD for teachers who are looking to improve their skills and put them to practice at school.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at classroom teachers teaching up to and including GCSE computer science.

What topics are covered?

  • Evaluating the impacts - you will explore how to assess and identify impact. You will explore the difference between facts, thoughts and opinions. 
  • Introducing discussions to the classroom - you will explore how to introduce meaningful conversations into your classroom and how to use research to inform the conversation. 
  • From discussions to writing - you'll explore how to evaluate evidence and draw suitable conclusions. You'll also explore how to transition from discussing to students writing impactfully. 

How will you learn?

This online, self-paced course can be completed flexibly. You can join and start this course at any time after the advertised date. This course is not facilitated. You can learn independently or with colleagues to directly address your individual needs.


You will:

  • Explain the links between technologies and related impacts, across the different areas specified by exam boards
  • Develop plans for classroom discussions in a range of formats
  • Summarise the main laws that affect the use of technology
  • Debate topics covering the entire Computer Science curriculum
  • Engage your students with well-framed, relevant questions
  • Demonstrate how to plan a written answer to a discursive Computer Science exam question

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