Computing as a second subject for non-specialist teachers - short course CP308

Learn about the benefits of being able to teach computing as a second subject, including ways in which the National Centre for Computing Education can support you on this journey.


Computing is an evolving and exciting subject to teach. Rising demand, and a shortage of specialist teachers, means there are opportunities for teachers to upskill and offer computing as a ‘second subject’. During this session you’ll explore the benefits of being able to teach computing as a second subject - for you and your school. You’ll develop a deeper awareness of computing and how the Computer Science Accelerator Programme can support your learning journey to upskill and develop confidence in your subject knowledge.
You will be guided by an experienced Professional Development Leader along a pathway designed for teachers of your main subject. This pathway will help guide you through the courses most suited to your learning journey.
Who is it for?
This webinar is intended for non-specialist teachers who are new to computing. It is open to teachers from all subjects, who want to learn more about the computer science curriculum and offering computing as an additional subject.
No prior knowledge is required to attend this webinar.
How will you learn?
Scheduled live, interactive online webinar led by an experienced Professional Development Leader.
How long is the course?
This webinar will last approximately 45 minutes.


By the end of this course you will be able to / participants will:

  • recognise the benefits of being able to teach a second subject for you as a teacher and your school
  • understand how the Computer Science Accelerator programme can help you upskill in knowledge and confidence
  • understand how the ‘new to computing’ pathway can support you complete the Computer Science Accelerator programme
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