Using space as a cross curricular topic -Teachers in Wales Only NW034



During this half day workshop teachers will look at various projects that use space related content and activities. These include:

1. SunSpaceArt

The SunSpaceArt team consists of various space scientists and modern artists. Pupils are exposed to both the space industry with the arts community. You will be shown how to produce various art pieces that incorporates space facts learned using basic materials found in the classroom.

2. Stardust Hunters

This project looks at the current research done by Swansea University on urban micrometeorites. Schools can be involved in scientific research and named on a science paper. You will gain knowledge on micrometeorites, equipment needed to find them and how to detect them in soil samples.

3. We will also look at a variety of projects and resources available from other space organisations to enhance your pupils learning experience using space as a topic.


Any enquiries, please email Wales Administrator:

Who is it for?

Teachers in Wales

What topics are covered?

Resources for Teaching 

How will you learn?

Remote delivery

How long is this course?

Half a day

Course Leaders

Andrea Meyrick


This workshop will provide teachers with knowledge to easily access free resources and to confidently use them in the classroom to make this topic more engaging and exciting.

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