Inclusive Computing in Primary Schools CP005

Computing is for every child, and the school curriculum must allow for all children to succeed. Computing subject leaders can make inclusive, effective curriculum implementation happen, leading to success for all.


Some children seem to naturally flourish in computing, while others need more support to reach their potential. This CPD aims to give every child an excellent computing education in primary school, opening up future study and employment routes and closing attainment gaps. 

You will consider how culture, gender, socio-economic background and other factors affect outcomes in computing, and how to build a sense of belonging and engagement in the subject throughout primary school.  

You will develop a range of strategies for including and supporting learners with special educational needs in computing and investigate how to address gaps in key digital skills. 

You will have time and support to create an action plan to ensure you can provide equitable and inspirational learning for every child in authentic, collaborative and engaging contexts. 

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education. 


Participants will: 

  • recognise and address the barriers that some learners face in computing 
  • identify strategies to support learner engagement and self-efficacy in computing 
  • develop inclusive teaching approaches that will allow all pupils to succeed in computing 
  • create an action plan to enable you to develop more inclusive computing lessons 

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