ENTHUSE Partnership Coach Induction EP003

ENTHUSE Partnership Coaches Induction designed to prepare ENTHUSE Partnership Coaches to support an ENTHUSE Partnership Lead through the programme.


The course is aimed at prospective ENTHUSE Partnership Coaches. It covers the support available to each Partnership, key processes and documentation of the Programme, understanding the Coach's role, and how to support a Partnership through the different stages of the programme.


explore our vision for the ENTHUSE Partnership programmefind out about the impact that it has on teachers and young peoplereview the support available to each Partnership from STEM Learningtake a tour of the key processes and reporting documentation that each Partnership must complete.review the Coach’s role requirements and the time allocated to a Coach for each part of the programmeconsider what support your Partnership might need at different stages of the programme, from their induction to their 1st term and beyond.

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