Getting started – STEM Club Workshop GX101

Designed for new club leaders, the purpose of this workshop is to generate confidence in new and potential club leaders and guide them through setting up a club and the first 18 months. Section 1: Why have a STEM Club – showcase the facts, what are the benefits and impact, supporting the curriculum Endorsement – how to gain support from senior leadership, colleagues, other departments Utilising Club Leaders skill sets and best practice in the classroom Support – STEM Ambassadors, parents, colleagues, older students, local industry and networking opportunities, student led clubs Funding and resources – where to look, how to ask Practical Activities Section 2: Getting started – methodology, planning, how long, how often, when and where, how many students, which age group Recruiting – advertise and market to students, colleagues etc., emphasise positives: fun, exciting, enjoyable, learn new things, improve and gain skill sets, support school work, help increase attainment, do things wouldn’t normally do First activities – run taster sessions, invite industry or parents to ‘have a go’, utilise STEM Clubs themed resources, STEM Learning e-library and other suitable resources Longer term projects - identify student interests, engage students in selecting projects, find new activities and projects, what’s already available Stretching capabilities - promoting essential skills, employability skills and technical knowhow, linking to potential careers.


The workshop’s aim is to assist secondary schools to start and sustain STEM subject clubs through their first 18 months, providing valuable information that will support and guide club leaders. The workshop is for teachers or technicians from secondary schools, Sixth Form and FE colleges across England with KS3, KS4 or KS5 provision. This regionally based face to face course lasts approximately 2 hours and enables course attendees to network, share ideas and best practice.  The workshop includes practical club activities to try. The workshop explores the following topics:

  • what a STEM Club is and what makes it successful and thriving
  • how to gain support from senior leadership, colleagues, and other departments
  • the benefits and impact of STEM Clubs: skill sets, knowledge, understanding, enjoyment etc.
  • where to find support and potential sources of funding and resources
  • planning your club, needs analysis and methodology
  • how to advertise and market the club
  • exploring ideas for first and follow-on activities
  • top tips on how to maintain attendance 
  • how to include essential skills and knowledge of potential careers
  • gathering evidence of success


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify the benefits a STEM Club will bring to your school, students, and yourself
  • utilise best practice techniques to plan club engagement in both the short and long term
  • create and implement a strategy to recruit students and gain support from colleagues
  • identify club activities, resources, and potential funding sources
  • engage support from STEM Ambassadors, parents, and local industry

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