Science at Sea – STEM on HMS Caroline NN021


The unique setting for this course is HMS Caroline, a First World War-era naval vessel that has been transformed into a floating museum with a fascinating story to tell. Be immersed in life aboard this unique vessel – lone survivor of history’s greatest naval engagement…. the Battle of Jutland.

This course is packed full of ideas for teachers wanting to develop fun and engaging STEM activities within a local real world context. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore this historic ship and find out about the learning opportunities on board including workshops, trails and learning packs. Teachers will experience practical STEM activities such as voice pipes and sound, morse code and even code breaking.


Teachers will have the opportunity to

  • experience a range of fun curriculum linked STEM activities based around the theme of Science at Sea, and consider how these could be used back in the classroom
  • explore how HMS Caroline could be used a teaching context, and learn about support available through museum workshops and trials


Please note - if you work at a state funded school or college in Northern Ireland you will eligible for the ENTHUSE Bursary upon full attendance on this course

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