Astrophysics RP485

The latest on telescope (SKA) development and how we use technology to view the universe and predict the past and future.


This course could attempt to explain how current technology is being used to probe some of the deepest and furthest parts of the universe, and how this may help to answer some of the biggest questions we have today, “How did the universe begin?  What do we know about dark matter and dark energy?  What is the future of the universe?  Are there other habitable planets?”
Also, by observing what is happening within stars, between colliding galaxies, and inside galaxies at the beginning of the universe, we can catch glimpses of processes that are unthinkable as experiments on Earth.  These observations can therefore give us information about fundamental particles and the rules that govern the universe.
The technologies that may be examined in detail include space-based telescopes, optical telescopes correcting for atmospheric disturbances, large radio-array telescopes, and the computer networks and processes designed to capture and process the vast amount of data created.

Topics covered are likely to include the electromagnetic spectrum, photons, special and general relativity, nuclear and particle physics.



Participants will be able to:

• develop and update their knowledge by engaging with scientists involved in cutting edge research

• use authentic contexts for the effective delivery of science content, and to deepen understanding of how science works, including controversies and ethical issues

• engage with active and inspiring teaching approaches and learning activities


Research Councils UK


Thanks to funding from the Research Councils UK (RCUK), all CPD which is part of the Bringing Cutting Edge Research into the Classroom programme qualifies for a bursary of up to £180 per day.

With funding and support from Research Councils UK, the Bringing Cutting Edge Research into the Classroom programme has been created with leading scientists to support the teaching of STEM subjects at GCSE and A level, delivered via the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, and working in partnership with leading researchers at the cutting edge of contemporary science. 

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