HEaTED regional network event HE001

Network with technicians from across leading institutions and experience 'behind the scenes' tours of cutting-edge facilities.


Our HEaTED Network Events are an invitation for technicians, staff development and other related colleagues to work together, bringing their experiences and expertise to discussions on issues like training and development, models for best technical and strategic planning and practice, proficiency standards, and changes in policies.


The HEaTED network events provide a forum for discussion and communication between technical managers, technical staff, and staff development/HR colleagues from across the regions. The network promotes training events, the sharing of knowledge, skills and best practice amongst technical staff and increased awareness of the opportunities and facilities provided by HEaTED and all member institutions.


Lunch and refreshments are provided. 

“I’ve found HEaTED networking events a valuable source of ideas and knowledge. To meet, talk to and network with fellow Technicians from other universities and colleges is always a good thing. It never ceases to surprise me, how much we have in common and how much we can help each other now matter what your subject area is.”

Lawrence Woolston, University of Suffolk, Technician Manager, School of Arts, Design and Humanities

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