Supporting and teaching secondary science through plants NY296

Develop your knowledge of plants and explore new ways to use plants to enhance learning in the science curriculum.


Gain the inspiration, knowledge, practical skills and confidence to support teaching and learning in secondary school science, especially biology and environmental science. Work with industry specialists in horticulture and plant disease, alongside an experienced science teacher.

Day 1 - discover plants you can use to support teaching in the classroom. Develop your skills and engage in practical activities focused around key curriculum content such as: growth and development, asexual and sexual reproduction, tropisms and germination.

Day 2 - develop core GCSE and A level biology practicals including drawing, microscope work, sampling techniques and data handling. Advice will also be provided on maximising habitats in your school environment.


You will be able to:

  • learn how to propagate and grow a range of fascinating plants for use in the science classroom and learn how to link this to teaching and learning key curriculum content
  • learn about sampling techniques, including abiotic factors
  • learn how a variety of habitats can be created, developed and managed within the school grounds and how these can be used to teach ideas about the environment, air quality and plant disease
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