Inspiring post-16 biology NY501

As a subject, biology challenges students and teachers alike to deal with fast moving and ethically sensitive topics. New practical techniques, use of ICT, active and context based learning strategies can help students find tricky concepts inspiring.


This course provides many opportunities to develop engaging approaches to core topics in biology whilst discussing advances in biology which put the subject content into context. The aim is to improve the teaching of post-16 biology by engaging in a wide variety of stimulating sessions which introduce active and context based learning strategies. There will be a strong focus on practical techniques to support and extend the skills of your students. You will work alongside teachers and research scientists to help students learn biology effectively.


Who is it for?Intended for teachers who are experienced and confident in teaching secondary biology. It builds upon the strategies and techniques demonstrated in the 'New to A level biology' course.What topics are covered?This three day course covers: 

  • ⚪   physiology

    ⚪   genomics

    ⚪   plant biology

    ⚪   microscopy

    ⚪   genetic engineering

    ⚪   statistics

    ⚪   plant disease

    ⚪   respiration

How long is the course?This is three day intensive residential course. Who are the course leaders?

  • Gill GunnillSecondary Biology Professional Development Leader, based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York.

  • Mary HowellSecondary Biology Professional Development Leader, based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York.



By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • ✔️   demonstrate ways to make the teaching of biology more engaging by making links to current research

    ✔️   practise and evaluate a range of techniques to make practical more engaging

    ✔️   describe developments in some key areas of contemporary biology

    ✔️   identify misconceptions held by students and develp a variety of teaching approaches to counter these

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