Improving pupil progress NY714

Investigate a shift in role to facilitate truly student-centered classrooms by evaluating effective approaches.


We want our students to be confident, curious, resiliant young people who take control of their own learning. Our role as their teacher impacts directly on the progress they make. You will explore the best evidence-informed practice to really extend your own practice for the benefit of your students.
You will also look at how to maximise achievement through a range of pedagogical approaches, discover ways to engage even reluctant pupils, deepen learning, and make progress visible. A range of different contexts, take away resources, effective interventions and techniques will be modelled and discussed, with planning time for how to integrate in to your own classrooms.


Who is it for?

Heads of department, established secondary science teachers, leaders of teaching and learning in science

What topics are covered?

This five day course covers:
  • ⚪   the learning brain - an introduction to how we learn and proven strategies that will aid progression

    ⚪   co-operative learning - developing group work repertoire within your teaching team and extend your students' range of learning activities

    ⚪   using visual tools - recognise how visual tools can be used to stimulate and create structure in thinking and support understanding

    ⚪   effective feedback - develop strategies to be used to give students effective feedback and see how students receive, understand and use feedback in their learning

    ⚪   building capacity - top tips for improving the teaching skills in your team

    ⚪   effective questioning - develop changes in current interrogation practice and question construction

    ⚪   engagement strategies - identify what is involved in gaining attention and engagement and creating an expectation of engagement within your classroom

How long is the course?

This is a five day intensive residential course split into two parts.

Who is the course leader?

  • Katy Bloom

    Senior Lecturer in Science Education



By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • ✔️   utilize more active learning approaches to enable students to deepen their learning and own their own progress

    ✔️   explore and apply current educational research to evidence-inform your practice with higher impact strategies

    ✔️   challenge and support your professional practice in planning for progress in, and assessment of, learning

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