Developing expertise in equilibria and rates of reaction RP268


Morning Session: Developing expertise in teaching rates of reaction

This session focusses on developing an understanding of kinetic theory and rates through experimental work, with practical investigations forming the essential core of the face to face workshop.

Afternoon session: Equilibria

An opportunity for participants to explore chemical reactions at the microscopic and macroscopic level, in both open and closed systems. Research shows that many students have difficulties understanding the core ideas associated with equilibria, even though they can often manage to do the related calculations. So throughout the course a range of different modelling activities are used to reinforce one's understanding of dynamic systems.


You will be able to:

• appreciate the ‘thread’ of key ideas crucial to students’ understanding of these topics
• learn about some of the ‘misconceptions’ that can arise when teaching these topics and explore ways of dealing with them in the classroom
• try out a range of engaging and relevant practicals and demonstrations
• share views about effective strategies for supporting and enhancing the teaching and learning of energy changes in chemistry
• consider some common ‘misconceptions’ and difficulties with this topic.
• share ideas/strategies for teaching chemical equilibria from 11 to 17
• explore a range of classroom activities, student practicals and teacher demonstrations, and consider how they could be used to support effective learning
• learn more about the range of resources and support available from the Royal Society of Chemistry

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