STEM Clubs: encouraging creativity in STEM NY633

Engage your students and encourage a passion for STEM subjects through the science and technology of art.


Explore how you can incorporate all the STEM subjects into creative arts, engaging and inspiring those students that may have previously been left behind due to interests in other subjects such as art and design. Join our journey of creative art activities and explore ways to develop a range of activities to enthuse students in your STEM Club about STEM subjects.

The creative arts are often left out of STEM curriculums but in fact the arts are full of STEM related topics that can excite and engage students. During these workshops you will practice new, informative and exciting activities such as dyeing paper and fabric. Create visually exciting products and explore the science and technology behind them and how they link to an industrial context. Discover how origami products are used in cutting edge space research – where it’s been developed to create space stations and satellites. Explore the chemistry behind pigments, simple early photography techniques and making paper. You will also deconstruct a piece of equipment, looking at the STEM knowledge that makes it work and create a ‘teardown’ art piece.

STEM clubs are a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students with STEM subjects. It enables you to get students working on topics that interest them but are free from the time restrictions of your main curriculum. STEM Clubs can also be a way of developing attainment and retention in your main curriculum for students who are interested in STEM education and for those that need extra support through a more hands on approach achieved through a less formal STEM Club environment.

Involvement in a STEM Club can provide students with an opportunity to gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in the STEM subjects, engaging them with further study of STEM subjects and the opportunity to discover STEM-related careers.


You will be able to:

  • develop activities to engage pupils
  • learn to be confident in running a STEM Club
  • develop and source equipment
  • increase subject knowledge
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