A level computer science project Hackathon CY233

Develop your programming skills so you can provide effective support for your students during their non-exam assessment.


For those new to A level computer science, the programming project is an intimidating prospect. The aim of this unique two-day event is to give teachers the time and resources to prepare for the non-exam assessment.

This is a very practical course, designed to develop your programming skills so you’re able to support A level students.  We will focus on Python programming; however there will be opportunities to explore new technologies, to tinker with hardware and to learn new languages.


You will be able to:

  • create complex data models including cross-table parameterised SQL and aggregate SQL functions

  • utilise complex data structures eg stack, queue and binary trees

  • design a complex object-orientated programming (OOP) model

  • implement complex recursive algorithms eg merge sort 

  • develop appropriate human computer interaction designs in Tkinter

  • develop an excellent coding style eg the use of cohesive and loosely coupled subroutines grouped together into modules

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