CLEAPSS introduction to preparing solutions and apparatus safely RP311

An introduction to the health and safety aspects of supporting classroom activities for new technicians.


This one-day practical course is designed as a first introduction for new and/or inexperienced science technicians.

Topics covered include:

  • introduction to CLEAPSS and keeping up to date
  • the need for control measures
  • recipe sheets
  • getting the right chemical and knowing when to ask for help
  • making solutions safely: basic techniques and equipment and simple
  • adaptations to recipes
  • supporting class activities: preparing, delivering retrieving and clearing up, identifying and setting up equipment for a class activity or demonstration
  • simple glasswork


You will be able to:

  • understand the basic skills needed to work safely and effectively in the prep room
  • understand health and safety requirements including clarifying the need for control measures to manage risks
  • recognise risk and how to respond appropriately if problems arise
  • explore CLEAPSS resources and support


The standard course fees are for CLEAPSS members only, an additional charge may be applicable for non members.

Each technician should bring to the course as many of the following as possible:

  • eye protection
  • protective gloves
  • a lab coat
  • a set of cork borers
  • a glass cutter

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