Placement: Pfizer (Sandwich) TY835


Location: Pfizer, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich CT13 9NJ

Placements are available with Pfizer throughout the year (term time and holidays), supported by £1000 of ENTHUSE bursary funding.

To express your interest in this placement, please complete this form and send it to:

The final part of the scheme is a one-day professional development experience held 4 to 6 months after your placement.

This opportunity is suitable for STEM teaching professionals and/or professionals with additional responsibility for careers.

Going on a placement with Pfizer will help you to:

  • Inspire your students – Gain an insight into the work undertaken by one of the UK's cutting edge laboratories. Meet with the STEM professionals working within this industry, learn about their roles, experiences and the skills needed to do their job.  Understand about the future employment opportunities and what the science industry can offer your students.
  • Build strong links with a local employer – connect with a local employer to develop staff and student experiences, with the aim of creating a longer term partnership. Help to boost your students’ confidence in making career choices and support the development of their employability skills. Find out more about the skills and competencies required for a science-based career and the range of roles and opportunities available. Gain ideas for future collaboration (e.g. work experience, mentoring, speakers).
  • Enhance your advice on careers options– gain useful information about how to support students to make careers choices within STEM, taking into consideration future growth areas within STEM industries and both academic and vocational career routes.

Employer BackgroundFor 60 years, Sandwich has been the home of Pfizer’s biggest research site in the UK. Part of the thriving Discovery Park site, Pfizer has played an important part in the development of a growing life sciences hub, including a range of smaller biotech companies and start-ups.It also plays an important role in developing Pfizer’s future pipeline as the home of our Pharmaceutical Sciences team.This team uses its specialist expertise to turn experimental new compounds into the liquid and solid dose medicines that can be used in clinical trials, and latterly given to patients more broadly.The capabilities we have to do this at Sandwich are unique – it is the only site within Pfizer’s R&D network able to perform every step in the complex process of producing a new medicine.What’s more, the site is home to Pfizer’s only fully automated Pilot Plant that manufactures medicines for use in Pfizer’s clinical trials worldwide.


This placement offers you a:

• unique chance to experience STEM work in modern industry and use this insight to transform careers guidance throughout your school
• invaluable CPD opportunity which will equip your school or college to respond to the Government’s careers strategy

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