Bioinformatics: biology meets computer science NY268

Develop deeper understanding of bioinformatics used at A level by learning about computational techniques to analyse sequences.


This unique professional development experience has been designed in association with the Francis Crick Institute, one of the world's leading medical research institutes.

Genomics is an area of the biology curriculum which is quickly changing as sequencing techniques becomes faster. Bioinformatics, the use of computational techniques to analyse sequences has developed alongside and has been introduced into the A level biology programme of study.

This course aims to develop deeper understanding through experiencing the techniques and their application in cutting edge cancer research.

We will signpost links that can be made between biology and computer science and demonstrate how careers options are evolving within STEM subjects


You will:

  • use laboratory sequencing techniques such as PCR and gel electrophoresis
  • work with computer science teachers to develop cross curricular links to bring bioinformatics to life
  • use basic Python programming techniques in a bioinformatics context
  • take away compelling classroom project resources that will appeal to a wide range of able students

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