Using robot wars as inspiration for STEM subjects TV201

Be inspired and visit the set of Robot Wars! Develop your teaching of robotics and receive equipment to support your lessons and help you create exciting projects for you students.


Inspired by TV series Robot Wars? Are you looking to bring robotics into your science, mathematics, design and technology, engineering or computing curriculum? Come with us to the bulletproof robot arena near Glasgow to see the awesome Robot Wars creations in action and get loads of ideas for robotics in your lessons.

“From looking at the individual robots and the engineering that went into the robot, it sparks many ideas which a teacher can quite easily bring back to their classroom.” Course participant 2016

This exciting course offers you the chance to watch the filming of the new series of Robot Wars (due to be shown on BBC2), then with support from VEX Robotics, develop your own robotics resources to use at your school.

    watch the live battles
    meet some of the teams preparing their robots for battle
    have a question and answer with the judges
    tour the arena
    borrow a VEX Robotics kit to support developing your own resources

The course is split over two days.

Day one: Unit G2, Westway Park, Porterfield Road, Renfrew, PA4 8DJ

Day one will be hosted at the Robot Wars arena near Glasgow. We will meet some of the teams (and their robots), meet the judges and watch the battles as they happen live at the arena.  Day one will end with a workshop, looking at how your Robot Wars experience can be used back in the classroom to inspire future student roboteers!

After day one, those that would like to develop a resource using physical kit can request access to either a VEX IQ or a VEX EDR robotics kit. You will be able to borrow VEX Robotics kit and support from VEX resources to help get the kit up and running if required. You will be allowed to keep the kit for a minimum period of two weeks and VEX Robotics will cover the cost of delivery and shipping. There is a set number of kits available for loan, if the kit is not required for another teacher then it may be able to be kept for longer.

You will also be asked to develop a robot resource for your students, inspired by your Robot Wars experience, and trial this in school before the second day of the course. This must be a minimum of a single lesson activity, off time-table activity (half or full day) or an after-school club activity of 1 hour plus. The hope is the course will develop a mix of resources, some that require a physical product to deliver some hands-on learning and others that do not require any specialist kit and could be delivered in any classroom. But all that use Robot Wars as a way to inspire the teaching of the STEM subjects.

Day two: National STEM Learning Centre, York

Day two will be hosted at the National STEM Learning Centre in York. Here, you will get the chance to discuss and share the robotics resources that you have developed. We will look at what the challenges were, what worked well and what ideas you have for the future.









Please note, the fee for this course is wholly received by STEM Learning to support facilitation of this training.

The fee includes lunch and refreshments for day 2, but unfortunately lunch and refreshments at the Robot Wars arena will not be provided on day 1.


You will be able to:

  • gain experience of the Robot Wars competition and generate ideas for how it can be used to support the STEM curriculum
  • increase your understanding of the challenges involved in creating a fighting robot and how they can be linked to classroom activities
  • develop a resource for the STEM curriculum that engages students in the wider topic of robotics
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