STEM Clubs: engaging students in Space NY627

Developing ideas for innovative STEM Clubs, using the context of space and exploring biology in space and cutting edge science to engage students.


Space the final frontier, makes an excellent context for STEM Club activities. Often students are engaged by space and astronomy but it sometimes has limited time in the curriculum, this course will provide a range of support to explore this real life subject to excite and engage your students and further their attainment in STEM-related subjects.

Designed for KS3 and KS4 teachers and technicians running a STEM Club in their school or looking to develop one, exploring various ESERO-UK and other space related activities. Space and its related industries are an ever growing part of the economy and provide an effective and engaging context for students to learn about STEM subjects and careers. We will cover:

  • astronomy
  • stars and planets
  • biology in space
  • cutting edge science
  • space projects
  • resources

STEM clubs are a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students with STEM subjects. It enables you to get students working on topics that interest them but are free from the time restrictions of your main curriculum. STEM Clubs can also be a way of developing attainment and retention in your main curriculum for students who are interested in STEM education and for those that need extra support through a more hands on approach achieved through a less formal STEM Club environment.

Involvement in a STEM Club can provide students with an opportunity to gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in the STEM subjects, engaging them with further study of STEM subjects and the opportunity to discover STEM-related careers.

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.



You will be able to:
• explore resources and develop links with space organisations
• describe how to use space as a context for STEM Clubs
• evaluate a range of space related activities to use
• incorporate space activities and projects into a STEM Club scheme of work

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