CanSat teacher workshop SY200

This workshop will look at the CanSat competition for 2017 and will teach you how to build and programme your own CanSat kit.


A teacher workshop for the UK CanSat Competition 2018. The day will include an overview of the competition and teachers will receive a CanSat kit, which they will learn how to build and programme. These kits will be taken back into schools for students teams to work on leading up to the competition in Spring 2018. Teams should submit a proposal form via


Participants will be able to:
◾understand the requirements for the competition
◾integrate and test electronic components of the CanSat kit
◾write basic programs in Arduino to record data and communicate via radio 


Pre night accommodation can be requested (subject to room availability) via enquiries@stem at no additional charge, however an evening meal will not be provided.

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