New to computing pathway for music, art and media teachers - remote CH473 / I01

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9 Aug 21
10 Hours
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Remote Delivered CPD
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Computing is an evolving and exciting subject to teach that opens up career options. This pathway will support you to start your journey becoming upskilled with the subject knowledge and confidence to teach computing. By booking onto this pathway, you’ll complete two of the following courses from the Computer Science Accelerator programme:

Who is it for?

This course is intended for non-specialist teachers who are new to computing, wanting to learn more about the knowledge required to deliver the computing curriculum, particularly at KS3.No prior knowledge is required to attend these courses. You will have the opportunity to network with teachers in your subject area on both days. 

What topics are covered?

By following this pathway, you’ll complete two of the following courses, you can find out which courses by selecting a course date:

  • Introduction to algorithms, programming data (CP428) – during this course you’ll explore how algorithms are designed and how programs are written to provide clear instructions to machines and how to read and write algorithms using flowcharts and pseudocode. You’ll explore how to create simple block-based computer programs and discover how to implement them using the Python programming language. Finally, you’ll learn about the binary system used by computers to store and process data, and how to convert to and from the familiar denary system of numbers zero to nine.
  • Introduction to computer systems, networking and security (CP438) – during this course you’ll learn about the different components of computer hardware, including devices not instantly recognisable as computers. The key components for input, processing, storage and output will be covered, and you’ll learn about the binary data that flows around and between computers. You’ll learn about the technologies required to network computer systems together so they can communicate and share data. You’ll also deepen your knowledge of some of the security risks that are commonly heard about in the daily news, which your students need to be aware of to be safe and responsible web citizens.

How will you learn?

Scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced practitioner.Flexible facilitator-supported, participant-led tasks, involving deep exploration of the subject content.
In between the facilitated sessions there will be gap-tasks designed to improve your grasp of the materials. There will also be lunch breaks.

How long is the course?

By following this pathway you’ll complete two courses from the Computer Science Accelerator programme, totalling approximately 10 hours, split across multiple days.This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education. We recommend that you follow this course up with the online Programming 101: An Introduction to Python for Educators (search for C0207 on the STEM learning website). 

Who is the course leader?

  • Facilitator To Be Confirmed

    At STEM Learning, we are proud to work alongside teachers, technicians and educators to inspire and engage young people of all ages with STEM...


Participants will:

Introduction to algorithms, programming data:

  • Learn about algorithms, how they are usually represented, and some of their most common applications
  • Recognise and use the basic building blocks of programming: sequence, selection and repetition
  • Understand how binary, denary and hexadecimal are used to represent numbers, and why this is important for computer science

Introduction to computer systems, networking and security:

  • Learn how data is inputted into a computer, how it is processed, stored and output in a useful form
  • Develop a basic understanding of local and global computer networks
  • Become knowledgeable and confident in using common cybersecurity terms


Welcome and introductions09 August 202109:25-09:30Virtual
1. Introdution to algorithms09 August 202109:30-11:00Virtual
3 Introduction to programming09 August 202111:40-13:10Virtual
5 Introduction to data09 August 202114:25-15:25Virtual
6 Subject networking and collaboration09 August 202115:25-15:55Virtual
1 Computer systems11 August 202109:30-10:30Virtual
3 Networks11 August 202111:20-12:20Virtual
5 Security11 August 202113:50-14:50Virtual
Subject networking11 August 202114:50-15:30Virtual
Host Led11 August 202115:30-15:30Virtual

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The booking deadline for this course has passed.

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Our remote CPD courses for teachers are delivered across a series of sessions run at specific times and dates. Information on all course sessions can be found under the description of each course. To complete a course, all sessions are mandatory.

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