AtS bespoke: Aspire to STEM Careers Event - INVITATION ONLY AB398 / HB01

Start date
19 Mar 21
1 Day
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


Why it is important for primary children to know about Stem careers and how to organise successful careers events.
Research from the report, ‘It’s who you meet: Why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults’ states that if a child experiences four or more encounters with the world of business whilst at school they are five times less likely to be unemployed.  Published by Education and Employers Taskforce.
Careers and Skills 
  • What jobs can be done with Stem degrees and other qualifications?
  • What skills do Stem qualifications give you and what skills are employers looking for?
  • How to make connections with employers and work with them.
Local Stem Connections and Stem activities with local businesses
  • Using your own local network to get introductions into employers’ businesses
  • Parents and alumni, governors, Stem ambassadors, employer networks, secondary schools
  • Visits to local businesses and what local businesses and employers can offer your pupils
  • Additional resources to connect school and business
The life of a Stem Ambassador 
  • Ambassador activities with children, especially primary.
  • Resources being developed for the Space topic with KS 2 pupils

Who is the course leader?


  • Understand the importance of STEM skills to primary children and their impact on career choices
  • Increase your awareness of STEM related careers for pupils and parents
  • Know how to find, and make, connections with local employers and businesses
  • Be able to plan a STEM careers event in your school relevant to primary pupils and their parents


1 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY19 March 202113:00-15:30Virtual

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