New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote) CK411 / E01

Start date
5 Mar 21
9 Hours
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


Moving into curriculum leadership can feel like be a big step. Whether you are new to the role, or looking to progress in the future, this course will build confidence and clarity allowing you to succeed. Written by experienced department leaders, and based in the most recent evidence of 'what works', you'll come away with a clear plan and the tools to make it happen. 

Who is it for?

New and aspiring curriculum leaders of computing in secondary schools.  

What topics are covered?


  • 01 | You and your department - Understand aspects of your role, and how these may differ between schools. Develop strategies for developing courage and resilience


  • 02 | Developing, refining and implementing your vision for computing – Understand what a successful computing department looks like. Develop a positive and viable vision for the computing department. Plan how to engage the teaching team and other stakeholders with the vision. Learn effective techniques for evaluating the impact of teaching and learning in the computing department. Plan evidence-based development plans and targets for the computing department that align with individual, and whole-school, priorities
  • 03 | Know and develop the capability of the teaching team – Accurately evaluate the computing skills and knowledge of the teaching team. Understand how to create a highly effective team, and to be able to plan effective support for individuals to improve their teaching capability and achieve shared objectives.
  • 04 | A successful curriculum – Consider the intent of computing curriculum design and implementation. Improve knowledge of qualification routes in computing and associated subjects. Plan how to promote computing careers and further study and generate a passion for the subject among students and teachers
  • 05 | Impact on students - consider the range of data that can be drawn upon or generated to inform improvement in the computing department. Recognise the roles of teachers and middle leaders in regards to strategic use of data. Plan interventions that are effective and efficient in terms of teacher workload.
  • 06 | Leadership and management – Recognise and develop different aspects of leadership and management skill in relation to curriculum leaders. Be prepared to hold challenging conversations with colleagues. Plan how to work effectively with line managers and school leaders to evidence improvement efforts


How will you learn?

Scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced curriculum leader. Flexible facilitator-supported, participant-led tasks supporting implementation and reflection on impact in your own school. 

How long is the course?

9.5 hours total



Participants will:
  • Improve their understanding of the role of a computing subject leader
  • Adopt evidence-based practise to improve effectiveness and manage workload
  • Develop a vision and lead the development of the department, confidently engaging with school leaders and inspectors 
  • Understand the capability of the teaching team and how to help individual teachers to develop, utilising a range of support
  • Be confident in establishing the curriculum intent and monitoring its implementation and impact


1 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)05 March 202109:00-10:00Virtual
3 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)05 March 202111:00-12:00Virtual
5 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)05 March 202113:30-14:40Virtual
6 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)12 March 202109:00-10:00Virtual
8 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)12 March 202110:30-11:30Virtual
9 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)12 March 202111:30-12:10Virtual
10 New subject leaders of secondary computing (remote)12 March 202113:15-14:45Virtual

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