AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Maths in the secondary science curriculum AB398 / C08

Start date
4 Nov 20
1 Day
Learning Method
Remote Delivered CPD


Develop your teaching of key areas of mathematics in the science curriculum. You will be able to develop strategies to support the teaching of graphs to enable students to sketch, interpret, draw and find lines of best fit as well as more general skills required to manipulate 'number', such as rounding, standard form and links to appropriate units. As well as developing specific skills, you will consider how to build confidence in students to enable them to solve and manipulate equations. 


You will be able to:

  • develop strategies and activities to convey the purpose of graphs in science by developing the skills of sketching, interpreting and drawing graphs
  • develop strategies and activities to understand the links between rounding, standard form and the use of units in a scientific context
  • explore strategies and activities to develop fluency in solving and manipulation equations in a scientific context

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1 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Sketching graphs04 November 202016:00-17:00Virtual
2 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Interpreting graphs09 November 202016:00-17:00Virtual
3 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Drawing graphs11 November 202016:00-17:00Virtual
4 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Using numbers16 November 202016:00-17:00Virtual
5 AtS bespoke - INVITATION ONLY - Dealing with equations18 November 202016:00-17:00Virtual

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