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Welcome to NZ001 Facilitator Training - Session 1

Hello participants and welcome to this course.

I'm Matt Cornock, Online CPD Coordinator at STEM Learning and I will be your facilitator for this course.  If you have not already, I recommend updating your preferences in the Course Group to receive email notifications immediately.

Our first and only session for this course will be a facilitator-led session using Adobe Connect. Please ensure you have downloaded the Adobe Connect application (Windows/Mac or mobile app) well in advance of the session. Please do refer to the Participant Guide for Adobe Connect which is posted in the Course Group, as this has the recommended way of using Adobe Connect.

The link to Adobe Connect for this course is in your joining instructions email and on the Course Group page.

The session starts promptly at 2pm on Monday (20 April), but you can access Adobe Connect ten minutes beforehand to make sure you're all set up and ready to go.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

Key supporting materials (for facilitating your own CPD):

Slides from the session and the link for signing up to further drop-in support will be posted to the Course Group after the session.

I look forward to seeing you online on Monday.





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Morning, Matt.  Thank you for this, it all looks very comprehensive and will keep me busy this weekend!  Can I just check the time of the course on Monday is 2pm as I thought I'd signed up for an 11am session?  I can do 2pm, so it's not a problem, I'll just change it on my calendar.

Thanks, Rachael 

M Cornock (not verified)

Hello Rachael, 

I confirm that the time is 2pm on Monday 20 April for this course instance. There are several instances during the week (the first 11am slot is on the Tuesday), so if you wish to sign up for an alternative, please feel free to do so via the registration form. 



Morning Rachael, I've just checked the online form and you did book yourself for today's slot at 2pm. However, but as Matt has suggested feel free to sign up for a different session via the registration form.  

n.b. to allow us to prepare for each session we will be closing each session 24hrs before it starts. 

Many thanks 


I'm happy to stick with 2pm - just miss-remembered the timings in my haste to book! Thanks, Rachael 

Andy Markwick

Hi Matt,

This is a great idea and I can't wait to get started.




Thanks Andy - look forward to "seeing" you at 2pm :) 

Yeasmin Mortuza

Hi Matt and all.

This is a good idea thanks!  Just noticed that most members for this course are listed twice for some reason. Also I have been getting identical email messages (in pairs) regarding this course.

I hope that means this course is twice as good as the others!



Ha ha yes Yeasmin! That's what we're hoping! We've noticed this too and just double checking whether we've accidently inputted people twice, or if its a system glitch. But thanks for mentioning it :) 

See you at 2pm 



I probably appear twice as I signed up twice by mistake because I hadn't heard anything to say I had actually been accepted the first time.




No worries, thanks Sarah 



Thanks for the introductory materials.  There's quite a lot to get through.  Will this really be completed within an hour?



Hi Paul, 

Many thanks for your message. There is a lot to cover, however Adobe Connect is very intuative and we've written guidance in two forms. Quick guides for those familiar with remote delivery, and a longer fuller guide for those who this may be new to. The guidance is more for you to use as you feel you need. 

And we will also be offering some drop in sessions to help people along too. We've had over 170 people signup to these sessions, so what we didn't want to do was schedule a much longer session, which may not have suited everyone :) 

Look forward to seeing you at 2pm 


Thanks Matt, I am looking forward to this session. Keen to learn about 

1. How to set up a poll

2. How to put delegates in grops to help discussion.




Richard (Shropshire UK)


Morning Richard, yes the interactive features within Adobe are great. Matt has recorded some short guidance videos too so if you cannot wait until 2pm ...

Just don't get addicted, and make sure you join us at 2pm! 


Matt, apologies. I will not be able to attend this session at 2pm today as I am in school looking a fter a few pupils and in the classroom with them at 2pm




Hi David, its Vash here :) 

Thanks for letting us know. Please feel free to book onto a different session via the registration form.  


Andy Markwick

Hi Matt, Am I signed in? I can't find the list.
Cheers, Andy.


Hi Andy, 

you should have received your joining instructions by now with the link to Adobe Connect 

If you have not, please call my mobile on 07841 343035 


Hi.  I was booked on a 10am slot this morning and it has changed to 2pm.  I am happy with this but just wanted to check that I am definitely booked in for 2pm.  Thanks Claire


Hi Claire, there were no 10am sessions for this specific training! You should have received your joining instructions now with the download information and room link

Many thanks

Lowri Puttick

Hi, I do not have the link email for the training.


Tanya Shields

Sorry folks lost signal so no longer in the session - will keep trying to get back into the training but technology seems to be failing me for now!