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Diamond 9

This an example of a Diamond 9 card sort, where for this task each card represents an identifier for when assessment is working. The sorting exercise asks you to place the card with the greatest impact on learning at the top, down to those with the least at the bottom. This type of activity can be used in the classroom to encourage discussion.  

image of a diamond 9 card sort

TASK: Try out the Diamond 9 activity and reflect on your practice

15 minutes CPD – discuss with colleagues and post in the community group 

  1. Take a look at this example Diamond 9 Card Sort.  Read all the cards and think about which ones you most agree with and why?

  2. Post in the comment below, which statement would YOU put at the top, and why?

  3. Look at the answers of others and respond to ONE post with where you would place that statement in your diamond 9 and why for you, it’s more or less significant.

Additional resource

Download this card sort resource and complete this card sort with colleagues.


Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19, FE/HE


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