Update on iSTEM+ courses and KIKs + Erasmus Student Ambassadorships at Hockerill

Update at Hockerill

ISTEM + continues at Hockerill Anglo European College. 

In year 7 our main project theme this year is Flight developing a pilot begun last year: The challenge is to “Design and Build the best Glider in the World” is combined with a project to consider and report upon the social impact on cultures of the aviation industry in different parts of the World. It gives us a platform that even includes MFL.

Inbuilt to the iSTEM  + social impact / culture project we use CAD  to design, build, test fly and iteratively improve, optimise designs and race gliders before actually building and racing the real balsa gliders.

The CAD program we use also includes background theory, quizzes and a monitoring program that enables teachers to track the progress and achievements of students through the module and provided us with a powerful and speedy start up.

This year we are working towards using our BBC micro bits as flight data recorders.  

Linked to this we do similar with rockets and working with the DT, dragsters.

We also continue to develop a Space project we begun in 2012, based around the Mission X “Train like an Astronaut programme”.  This links PE into the iSTEM plus mix and covers science and maths associated with space travel and like the other projects the effects of the industry on Earth, asking the question can the expenditure be justified in the light of the problems here on the ground. The Indian venture into space raises interesting ethical and moral questions.

This year we are linking it to a Mission to Mars, neuroscience, spectra and taking a look at both the physical and psychological effects of travelling to and living on Mars. The focus on the psychological effects provides an excellent opportunity to relate the studies on the effects in space directly to the kinds of issues we need to address on Earth and at school and through Well-Being.

This Summer term we are continuing the development of a project we ran on a very successful enrichment ISTEM + day last year. It being: iSTEM project + history and CIVIL engineering Pollution, pharmaceuticals in the water and disease plus treatment of sewerage.

The very latest stop press news is that we are proposing to start our first pilot KIKS + Erasmus projects and Student iSTEM / STEAM Ambassadorships in January. These promise to fit closely with our IB CAS projects that are worth real UCAS points.

If you anyone would like more information please get in touch.

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