Kent’s first iSTEM+ hub is to be at Rainham Mark Education Trust

Autumn of 2016 will see the development of Kent’s first iSTEM+ (Integrated STEM and more) hub. Respect to the proactive Head of Science, Kevin Frost, at the forward-leaning Rainham Mark Education Trust in Medway.  iSTEM+ provides a timely focus on integrated STEM and more for Medway’s learners, and is a welcome response to address a STEM skills shortage in the area.  For more information please join the “iSTEM+” Group at, introduce yourself to the rest of the iSTEM+ community and let’s share all we can for all learners!

The launch of RMET’s iSTEM+ framework and Skillful School conferral will take place during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, 7 to 11 November 2016.  Members of the Rainham Mark Sixth Form Engineering Society have developed a number of projects to challenge their iSTEM+ peers in other years.  Find details of the projects and other iSTEM+ resources by joining the “iSTEM+” Group at, and let’s share our iSTEM+ resources!

Maintaining a sustainable iSTEM+ network in Kent is supported by Kent and Medway STEM, the IET, the IMechE, CCITE and Tomorrow’s Engineers in addition to local employers.  If you are an employer, education provider or individual and you’d like to support integrated STEM and more for schools and colleges – in Kent or anywhere else – please join the “iSTEM+” Group forum at, and say hello!  If you'd prefer PM, it's 



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Profajo (not verified)

Brilliant news, Phil.

Congratulations to Kevin and Rainham Mark for taking the plunge and setting the ball rolling in Kent.  Best wishes to all concerned.