iSTEM+ wikis

Hello all,

Please see the iSTEM+ wikis at the following URLs.  And please feel free to amend and supplement!  Personally I think the wikispaces site is more polished and easier on the eye, and it allows the videos and maps to be embedded, but both have their strengths.  They’re set up to be as open as possible although I don't have everybody's email details; if you haven't yet received email invitations from the hosting sites, please let me know the email address that you'd like me to send them to.



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Stephen Powley

Hi Phil,

Thanks for putting up the wikis, having a wiki will be a great help to getting clusters established in new areas.

I'm a bit confused why there are two versions - is this just an experiment currently to see which people prefer? Does this mean that if any edits are made then they have to be duplicated on both versions for the time being?

I haven't done any digging to understand the pros and cons of the two hosting sites, but the Wikispaces one definitely looks much better.

Philip Moffitt

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for posting.  

I'll keep both live for the foreseeable future, and use the lessons identified to develop wikis on KIKS, SDA and other collaborative projects that may be useful to STEM learners and teachers.

I agree with you that Wikispaces is easier on the eye, and easier for learners (the ones that I've spoken with) to use too, although I wanted to see which one colleagues prefer.  I can harmonise both wikis by tracking the edits, so if editing is made to one I'll ocassionally drop in and update the other to reflect it.