Invitation to schools: iSTEM+ Projects 2017 18: Dragsters, Rockets and Gliders: to join online competition and team work projects

Hello all,

We at Hockerill run a number of iSTEM+ projects in Year 7. Three of them are dragsters, rockets and gliders.  Each use a software package that enables students to design, test, race and improve their virtual vehicles.

Students also access theory and quizzes online to source the science and the maths they need to understand and improve their vehicles. 

Each iSTEM project has lesson input from each of the stem subjects plus projects students do about the impact of the various related industries and how they impact on people.

The software and the races can progress 24 /7 with only a small input in teaching time and students are encouraged to share and work in teams whenever they wish both in and outside of lesson times.

Once they are happy they can print off their design templates and actually build the vehicles and we have a treat race day.  There's more, students get to grips with BBC Micro bits to design onboard data loggers, speed traps and timers.

We would like to link up with other schools to compete and work together. The idea is to create teams of students from partner schools, students can input ideas through our students through our platform or if schools are able to obtain the same software it's possible to link up online and engage in friendly competition. 

We are in Bishops' Stortford, Herts. If we can set up partner schools that are in reasonable reach then perhaps our Real World  race days could become inter school race days; if remote then there is the possibility of running online races in the virtual environment the software provides.

If your are interested please contact me via email to

best wishes and have a great summer break

Edward vine



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