Exciting and Ambitious KS3 cross-curricular projects building on the Bloodhound SSC Race For The Line challenge

This year is the second run of the very successful Race For The Line competition for Primary and Secondary schools to build and race model rocket cars.  These is organised by the Learning Partnership directed by Aulden Dunipace, former Head of Education for the Bloodhound SSC project.  Plans are about to be announced for a major development of the programme for the next 3 years.  For 2017/8 the competition will now be open to secondary schools to enter their whole Year 7 intake - with the aim to have 200,000 students participating from c 1,000 schools.   The following year a different competition is planned for all Year 8 students, this time involving making and flying drones.  The third year will see this extended to a competition for all Year 9 students on a robotics theme.  Sponsors include the RAF, Airlander and the UK Atomic Energy Authority.  The Dedrite.me platform is being redesigned, and iSTEM+ will have its own channel supporting these and other initiatives, which will include challenges for Primary Schools. 


Subject(s)Computing, Cross curricular, Design and technology, Mathematics, Science
Age7-11, 11-14
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