Equipping schools with inspirational, industry-led, cross-curricular STEM projects

The Bloodhound `Race For The Line' model rocket competition has evolved from an extra-curricular enrichment activity into a whole school activity to enhance the STEM curriculum. This paper sets out the need for many more such cross-curricular projects at Key Stages 2 and 3 to be available to schools across a range of topics such, as space, health and the environment.  By involving major companies in this process such resources will ensure that the content is realsitic and up-to-date as well as providing case studies and careers advice.  The paper includes a case study of a group six half-termly projects for each of Years 4 to 9 on the theme of a `Journey Into Space'.  


Subject(s)Computing, Cross curricular, Design and technology, Mathematics, Science
Age7-11, 11-14
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