Thinking About Including Science in your STEM Clubs?

If you are running a STEM Club whose focus is Science then we have some super activities you can use and if you don't already include science then why not add a little chemistry, biology or physics to spice up a club session?

Science can really enhance and expand the parameters of a project, bringing new and intriguing elements that can help widen participation and appeal to students of all capabilities and interests.

Our themed activity set ‘Could you survive on a desert island’, provides a great introduction that combines science with practical hands on activities that will appeal to students aged 11-14. Many of the activities combine skill sets and seek to repurpose and reuse materials helping to support environmental awareness. The activities include making your own paper and invisible ink, creating an organic toothpaste, filtering water and dissecting a fish and a further four fun filled educational experiments. You can even earn a CREST Discovery Award for completing 5-6 hours of activities. For younger students Extreme Elements takes a close look at earth’s wild and wonderful weather mixing science into a full cross-curricular package.

For those looking for more in depth challenges the STEM Clubs collection of library resources has several hundred opportunities to carry out science led investigation, research, experiments and practical application across all of the science subjects.

Climate change and eco systems are popular current topics, so here are some suggestions to get you started and they are excellent for doing more in depth club project work!

And for those looking to explore other science led projects try some of these:

Whatever science activity or project you undertake in the club, always remember to check health and safety guidance and carry out risk assessments, remember to run enjoyable, fun but safe clubs!

Have fun and remember to make suggestions for some of your favourite science activities to inspire other club leaders.

And finally … the next article is STEM Clubs and maths.


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