Small prize for KS4 STEM club

I started a Stem club at our local secondary school last week. There was a team competition, I said I will bring some prize for the wining team. 

It will be from my own pocket, 6 kids at KS4. 

Can anyone recommend a small STEM prize but won’t break my bank? 

This is the volunteering work and the school is famous of lack of funding. 

Thanks a lot. 


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Raji agsb

Hi. We recently were able to get some stationary from the Ogden trust as physics prizes. Postcards from iop. Also some companies are happy to sponsor little prizes for schools, especially if they have been to a conference recently and got some left over goodies. Things you can get, in-ear/headphones, led cycle lights, phone chargers, tape measures, pens, post-its, note-pads. We have had sponsored chocolates and sweets that the students have enjoyed. The link usually is a parent. Another nice thing as a prize is a trip to a local STEM place of fascination. For 6 plus teacher you might be able to wrangle free tickets. Always worth a try before digging into your pockets.

Jo Mitchell

Great suggestions, put out a feeler to parents and colleagues and see if they have links to companies, it is a great way to get in-kind support and it can lead to further opportunities and support.

Let us know how you get on.


Fablous idea, thank you Raji. Will give it a try.