Setting up a STEM club


Myself a biology science technician and a biology teacher who is a registered STEM Embassador are hoping to set up and run a STEM club starting September. Any fab ideas out there to get us on our way?? :)

Lydia and Jane


Age16-19, FE/HE
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I did the same starting last term. We followed the crest awards scheme They have a really good range of activities to follow and the programme gives you something to aim for. Good luck!



Hi Lydia and Jane

Welcome to the STEM Clubs discussion board, we have lots of online resources and activiites you can use including themed activity schemes of work

Here is a list of web pages which will help get you and running, all of which are free to either download or view:

STEM Clubs Handbook – a free downloadable booklet full of useful advice, hints and tips

STEM Club Videos - featuring experienced club leaders offering advice on how to setup and run clubs.

Featured Themed Activities – free downloadable activity ideas designed to provide a club leader with 6-8 club sessions of engaging and fun STEM subject activities and projects that are led by student interest and follow the Science Capital approach - activity sets cover ages: 7-9, 9-11, 11-14, 14-16. The activities are age and ability differentiated and can be used in part or whole. (KS3 sets are CREST Awards linked for Discovery Awards).

Movie Music Support Videos - complete set of 'how to' videos for the Movie Music activity resource, the downloadable activity pack also has the animation cartoons which can be downloaded to support the activities.

Resource Library – nearly 400 club suitable activity ideas, covering all areas of STEM subjects and age groups.

Recommended Partner Activities – a comprehensive list of fellow STEM organisations with interesting or club suitable activities, challenges, recognition schemes and potential funding.

Take a look at the themed featured resources as they are a great way to get the club up and running, follow fun activitiy ideas that appeal to students and stretch their creativity whilst enhancing skill sets.

Have fun and keep in touch!


Lydia Muir

Thank you for all the info, I appreciate it. Looking forward to using the info and getting started!

Lydia and Jane


I am thinking about doing the same thing in our school, but as we do not have any funding for equipment etc. We are looking to start the club using the STEMettes STEMillions club. This requires a female student to be the club leader . The teachers are keen on this as the Year 6 students are always looking to help run clubs. In this case there are several benefits among them promoting women in science and the students do most of the work. 

But there is a plan already set up but STEM millions every week.

Hope this helps. When we get started up with ours in september I might post feedback 




We are producing a STEM CLub handbook to help secondary schools use older students to run clubs in feeder primary schools or with younger students, this will be released ready for the new term. Keep an eye out for it as it may prove useful.