Opportunity for teachers (in training)! Research: STEM in primary school

Dear STEM Ambassadors,


A fellow STEM Ambassador here! For a research project at the Manchester Institute of Education I'm studying teachers' practices and challenges in teaching STEM in primary schools. We are interested in finding out about how teachers interact with STEM and use it in classrooms with pupils. We are currently looking for teachers who teach STEM at a primary school and would like to have a chat about their practices and challenges. The interview will be on Skype and will last approximately 30 minutes.


We are interested in speaking with primary teachers with all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. We recognise STEM is a big theme – it can range from in-depth projects about astronomy that happen over weeks to an afternoon experimenting with water and exploring volume. We are interested in all such experiences.


If you are training to become a primary teacher, that’s great. We would like to talk to you too.


More info on the pictures below and https://bit.ly/STEMResearchPrimary.


Please contact me (denise.mocking@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk) if you'd like to share your practices and challenges in an interview! Sharing is much appreciated too!


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,

Denise Mocking

MEd Psychology of Education, University of Manchester


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