Get ready for the big national STEM Club

November will see the start of a brand new initiative from the STEM Clubs programme - the launch of a national STEM club. It is being supported by club leaders, STEM Learning education team and partner organisations.

The national STEM Club will be hosted by STEM Learning via You Tube and consist of a series of short activities on pre-recorded videos. The purpose is to provide additional support for UK schools, families and students to engage with practical STEM based activities.

The club will run 6 times a term on a Wednesday for about 30 minutes. It is hoped each club session will have around 4 activities 2 at primary and 2 at secondary. Ideally with a mix of content and difficulty to enable us to reach out across a diverse mix of interests.

It is an ideal opportunity to engage your students with a club type activity which will boost their knowledge and enhance their key skills. Each session will release a pdf of the activities in advance to allow participants to prepare - the videos will remain live post the club sessions, forming a portfolio of engagement.

The first sessions are planned for:

  • November: 25
  • December: 09
  • January: 13 and 27
  • February: 10 and 24
  • March: 10 and 24

We are looking for some club leaders to volunteer and ‘host a session’. Activities can be almost anything, but they must explain the science behind the activity, how it can help with their curricular work and the employability skills they will enhance. And, we would like a quick link to a related career if possible. Videos do not have to be of professional quality. We can use content you may already have. We will provide guidance notes, a PowerPoint and we will edit and refine the videos once they arrive with us. We aim for each video to be around five minutes when completed.

Please reach out and think about how you could support students across the UK.  Contact: for more information or to volunteer!



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Good morning,

My name is Joe Arday and I am a STEM ambassador. I currently run a STEM club in my school.

I am a computer science teacher and Co - Ordinator of STEM at my current school.

I have read the message above and wondered how do I get involved? Could I please have an information pack sent to me.

Do I need to choose one of the dates above to share something with secondary school students. 

Kind regards,


Jo Mitchell

Hi - I have responded to the email you sent. Thank you for volunteering.


Good morning,

I'd love to volunteer. COuld you give me some more information?

Thank you

Kind regards




I am advertising this through my STEM Teachers Network as part of the RAEng Connecting STEM Teachers programme. Is there a web page or registration process for teachers to sign up with? The original announcement only seemed to have an email.




David Thomas

Teacher Coordinator

Northumberland and Tyneside

Jo Mitchell

Hi David

Thank you for contacting us, details on the national STEM Club are available here:

The sessions will be entirely free and do not require booking, they are released as pre-recorded videos scheduled to go out on the relevant dates at 16.30 via our YouTube channel. Members of our staff will be available to answer student or teacher questions on the activities through the comment and chat functions.

Thank you for spreading the word about the club, as interest grows  we will look to hold some 'live' sessions. That aspect will be next spring!

Kind regards

Jo Mitchell