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Discover how technology uses 3D sound to enhance gaming and virtual reality and explore the development of futuristic rehabilitation techniques. Read an expose on Coronavirus and what scientists and industry is doing to protect us. Stimulate your mind with the power of bioluminescence, celebrate the heroes at the forefront of protecting UK agriculture and finally, enjoy the power of learning.

Issue 37 is accompanied by a free downloadable set of Learning Notes to help students and their educators explore some of the topics covered in the magazine.

The Science Behine 3d Sound

Sound is crucial to any media experience. Researchers and creators use technologies developed from knowledge about how humans work out the direction of a sound source to make sound for gaming and virtual reality realistic and immersive. In this article, we explain how this works.

Coronavirues and Covid-19

Coronaviruses are microscopic infectious agents requiring a host organism to replicate. The novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 infects humans causing a respiratory disease. Let us explore how viral infection occurs, the ways to prevent the infection and how to treat the disease.

What are Scientisits Doing to Fight Coronaviruses

In this article we explore what scientists and others can do to fight the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2.  The virus which infects humans causing a respiratory disease and which at the time of going to press is causing problems globally.

Rehabilitation Techniques of the Future and the Pioneering Technology Behind It

Stroke is a devastating disease that leaves one in three survivors permanently disabled. This article offers a brief exploration of what a stroke is and how it occurs, the current research being conducted into stroke rehabilitation and some of the exciting technologies in development today.

The Brilliant World of Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by living organisms such as jellyfish, fireflies, and even some species of mushroom. The potential scientific applications of this “living light” could revolutionise the world as we know it, from medical research to glowing lollipops.

From Space-Inspired Apps to Formula 1 Technology

Sometimes, when the worst things happen, the most innovative ideas arise. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way we all go about our days. From lockdown and not seeing friends to university closures and lessons online, COVID-19 has meant we’ve all had to alter the way we do things to save lives, and it can be unsettling. But that’s where industry is playing a reassuring role.

Plant Health Heroes - Keeping UK Plants Healthy

Across the world pests have a devastating impact on plants causing economic, social and environmental damage. In the UK the health of plants is safeguarded by an army of people, the plant health service. They work to prevent new pests from entering the country keeping plants free from additional harm.

Learning to Learn

Go to any online bookshop and you’ll find hundreds of guides dedicated to exam preparation. ‘How to revise’ and ‘How to get that A*’ are familiar titles. But one genre is less common: how to teach yourself. In this short article, David Martindill describes some of the tools found in your teacher’s toolkit helping to support your own learning.


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